Sufi Guidance is an organisation that exists to spread the true message of Sufism. We aim to guide people on a path of enlightenment; to teach the hidden, forgotten knowledge of Islam. Our purpose is to use this ancient knowledge to heal people, to help them excel in all aspects of life and develop their spirituality.  

The origins of Sufi Guidance date back to 150 years, although the organisation was formally established in 2017. A vast array of knowledge and practices have been handed down between three generations. This unique mystical system is now lead by Shah Saab, who describes this history and ancestry. 

At the very beginning of 150 years, there was Murtaza Hasnain, who was a well known mystic in the court of Nawab of Rampur. He had the ability to change the form of a physical object to anything he desired, at will by simply closing his eyes. He could cover miles in minutes by disappearing in one place and being found in another. Distance didn’t make any difference to him. In the middle of nowhere he could ask for water and in an instant a red clay bowl filled with water would appear in his hand. He could call a bird from the high skies to his lap by way of a simple whisper. 

My grandfather met Murtaza Hasnain, who told my grandfather, “Forget engineering, I will give you the world’s kingdom ship.”

“Engineering chor, tujhe dunya ki badshahat deta hoon.”

Murtaza Hasnain

My grandfather, Syed Niaz Hussain Abidi, under the guidance of Murtaza Hasnain reached the heights of mysticism in a matter of months. This did not last long as eventually as my grandfather went mad due to the immensity of the power he had acquired, until the day he passed away. The smite of his voice when he recited Il-lallah could break the links of metal chains and crack shackles into pieces. He was known as The Living Crazy. 

Then the reins of the carriage of mysticism in our family fell into the hands of my father Syed Akhtar Hussain Abidi. His spiritual name was Akhar Moeed Shah Al-Abidi, but was more commonly known as Baray Shah Ji. What my father achieved in the mystical system of Islam is incomprehensible and unfathomable to anyone who would embark on the conquest of trying to find out who or what my father was. Baray Shah Ji was an author of seven books, and his knowledge in Ilm-ul-Naqsh was unparalleled. He wrote numerous 100×100 Naqsh and the first and only, to date, of a full Quranic Naqsh. He also hand wrote the Jafr-e-Jama and Jafr-e-Ahmer.

My father was a person one who lived amongst the common man, but had power over time and space. In some ways, he could be described as having the ability to teleport. There were people around my father who were known to have come back to life after dying.

Baray Shah Ji throughout his lifetime had acquired titles such as the Living Sufi and the Divine Healer. He helped and cured  many people that had knocked on his door with an indifference towards the race, cast, religion and beliefs. This is the true sufi or dervish system, that help is given to whomever knocks on the door of the said sufi or dervish.

After my father passed away the natural process followed, and the mystical responsibilities were handed over to me, by a force which I never resisted. My name is Syed Raza Ali Abidi, however my spiritual name is Raza Ali Shah Al-Abidi  and am more commonly known as Shah Saab. 

In this time and age as the world has changed, the dervishes have moved on from living incognito within jungles and caves. The world is now in the palm of your hands in the form of a smartphone and it is only befitting to a dervish who is there to help people, to be in sync with the modern times. 

I help people on an international level, with their worldly and spiritual problems whilst sitting on my janamaz without having to step outside the door of my house. In keeping with advances in technology, I am available through social media and strive to build a platform to improve accessibility to those most in need. When people ask to meet me I always tell them the following, “There is no point meeting me, when I can do the same thing just by the way of a phone call”.

This Quranic knowledge and power I have, enables me to not only foresee the future, but also the current situation and surroundings of whoever I am talking to, even through a phone call from thousands of miles away.

In our family we have one leverage which in this space and time no one else has in any tareeqat or silsila, a school or order of Sufism. This ability is the power of the words from our tongue. We hear voices who are here as a guide to us. We are known to be the connected ones. Where or how are we connected I ask, but I do not get an answer. For people like us, there is a quote. 

The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight.

Joseph Campbell

If I try to explain who we are and what we do, I could write many books. My grandfather, father and I have been sitting on a janamaz prayer mat, with a tasbeeh, or prayer beads, in our hands for 150 years. I cannot tell you what I have, but whatever I have, no one else does.