My name is Syed Raza Ali Abidi, however my spiritual name is Raza Ali Shah Al-AbidiΒ and am more commonly known as Shah Saab. After my father, Baray Shah Ji passed away, the natural process followed and the mystical responsibilities were handed over to me, by a force which I never resisted.

In this time and age as the world has changed, the dervishes have moved on from living incognito within jungles and caves. The world is now in the palm of your hands in the form of a smartphone and it is only befitting to a dervish who is there to help people, to be in sync with the modern times.

I help people on an international level, with their worldly and spiritual problems whilst sitting on my janamaz and without having to step outside the door of my house. In keeping with advances in technology, I am available through social media and strive to build a platform to improve accessibility to those most in need. When people ask to meet me I always tell them the following.

There is no point meeting me, when I can do the same thing just by the way of a phone call.

This Quranic knowledge and power I have, enables me to not only foresee the future, but also the current situation and surroundings of whoever I am talking to, even through a phone call from thousands of miles away.

In our family lineage, we have one leverage which in this space and time no one else has in any tareeqat or silsila, a school or order of sufism. This ability is the power of the words from our tongue. We hear voices who are here as a guide to us. We are known to be the connected ones.

Contact me by calling in to the live Sufi Guidance Channel broadcasts on YouTube. We have a dedicated team of advisers acting under my supervision who you can connect with on the Islamic Sufi Wazaif Facebook group.