Sufi Guidance Channel is broadcast live on YouTube and available for free to all audiences for educational purposes only. Being the first and only show of its kind providing free spiritual guidance to live phone callers. Shah Saab, a practitioner of ancient mystical knowledge has gained tremendous recognition for the public display of his roohani capabilities.

A completely free platform for seekers and observers alike, who want to gain spiritual enlightenment as well as assistance to those suffering from spiritual complications in any aspect of life. Callers may request advice and wazaif that may help alleviate their problems. To connect, call the onscreen numbers when broadcasting begins. Please also consider the theme of the show before calling in. Please note that wazaif may also be obtained from our dedicated team of advisers, acting under Shah Saab’s supervision, who you can connect with on the Islamic Sufi Wazaif Facebook group.

In addition events of dhiqr, khatam and duas broadcast live from 28. Subscribe to receive alerts for live feeds and get a chance to speak to Shah Saab in real time. Do not forget to share with your family and friends.