This unique book contains information about the affairs of all human beings. The branches of knowledge carried within this work of bewildering in number and are only known to Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.a) and those chosen by him. The knowledge from within this book is all passed on to the sincere dedicated and deserving few as spiritual enlightenment. This store house of knowledge is linked directly to Uloom-Ul-Quran.

The scheme of the book is based on the fact that all the twenty-eight volumes carry within them the information about the affairs of the universe. The world is divided into four aqlims (kingdoms). The four aqlims (kingdoms) are divided into seven countries each and every country has twenty-eight cities every city has twenty-eight streets each street has twenty-eight districts each district has seven hundred and eighty-four houses, and each household has four residents in it.

The writing of this book is based on the rules and principles of the alphabet. Any scholar of the system will be able to understand the scheme of this book. The total number of letters within the book is 2458624. There are 614654 squares 21952 columns 784 pages and the whole book is divided into 28 volumes. The book has been written by divine guidance. Each set of letters each column and each page possesses specific intrinsic virtues and is capable of providing realms of benefits.

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