These are not just books based on the contents of existing books or research. These books are written purely on divine guidance and personal experiences of Baray Shah Ji. Each ism, ayah, surah and parah mentioned in these books, were recited in a certain manner to achieve divine guidance in order to to write these books.

We speak about the power of the Holy Quran, ASR-E-QURAN.

The following books were authored by Akthar Moeed Shah Al Abidi and published during his lifetime.

  • Manzil 1
    • Written 1980, Published 1985
  • Manzil 2
    • Written 1990, Published 1990
  • Divine Prophecy Divine
    • Written 1996, Published 1997, 2002
  • Manzil 3 (Wahid Asha’at Wahid)
    • Written 1997, Published 1997
  • Seerat-e-Muhammad (s.a.w.w), Muhammad (s.a.w.w)-e-Arabi
    • Published 2005
  • Mathematical Mysteries of Alphabets
    • Published in 2007