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It all began with a dream 4 years back. I sent a text message to Shah Ji wherein I mentioned the names of 3 universities out of which I was supposed to choose one for my daughter. Shah Ji sent back a very short, sweet and precise answer “choose the one near to your home”. I did the same. My daughter got admission and now today she has successfully defended her 4 long years of intense hard work, is now officially graduate and even before celebrating her graduation got her job in a very prestigious multinational company all due to the power of the Quran Pak that Shah Ji gave her to read in a certain formation. She reads wazifa given by Shah Ji.
Beshaq, parrhne se baat banti hai.

Robina Irfan

Shah Saab had told me that my husband will get a job by July 15th. He was jobless for 2 years. Even after 4 months of doing wazifa nothing had happened. I again called and spoke to shah Saab about the job. After speaking to shah Saab the same day he got a call and job was offered. Alhamdulillah by grace of Allah subahna tala and Shah Saab’s dua and tawajju he is going to the job. I am very thankful and happy. May Allah always keep shah Saab healthy and happy for the great work he is doing for the mankind.

Zeenath Unnisa

Thank you so much Shah Saab from the bottom of my heart. Actually since my mom is undergoing her treatment in rehabilitation centre, my sister and I are not able to go to the office regularly. Jiske wajah se hum dono sisters ko job se nikalne ki dhamki aur salary cut karne ki warning mil rahi thi. For this reason we were threatened with salary cuts and jobloss. Maine Shehzad Bhai ki post pe apne aur apne sister ki salary bina cut miljaye dua and tawajjo ki liye comment kiya tha. Aapke nazr-e-karam kay zariye hum dono sisters ko bina cutting k full salary mil gayi. I commented on Brother Shehzad’s post to pray that my sister and I receive our full salary without any cuts which we received finally. Please sir bas ab mere ammi, Ayesha Sultana jaldi se completely thik hokar apne ghar ajaye aur pehle ki tarah apna ghar aur hum sabku sambhalle. I hope that my mother recovers completely so that she can return home and run her household as before.

Atiya Sultanaa, Reason Wali Baji

6th December 2019

Mery husband ka vault ghum ho gya, usmay 90 thousand thay unky pas bas wo-ee tha 3 months ka ghar ka system chalany kay liye. Pora ghar dhondha ni mila, sister Billy say bat ki, unho nay 1900 time bismillah di parhnay ko. Maney phir dhoondna start kiya mujey mil gaya. Thank you so much Shah Saab aur team, apki waja say sub kaam thek ho gay.

My husband’s safe had gone missing. This contained 90 thousand which was all the money he had for three months spending for the household. We had searched the entire house. I spoke to Sister Billy and she advised us to read bismillah 1900 times and then I started to search again and we had found the money. Thank you so much to Shah Saab and his team, because of you our tasks have been fine.

Anza Irtza Butt, Butt Wali Party

7th December 2019

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