In the words of Shah Ji, Akhtar Moeed Shah Al-Abidi, who reproduced the Jafr-e-Ahmar, a unique literary treasure.

My inner self determined that I put pen to paper regarding Jafr-e-Ahmar. All the revered texts written since the advent of Islam have not revealed this hidden treasure, through it is mentioned in passing, in some tombs. References usually state that this auspicious gift is one of the many priceless and unique literary treasures bestowed by Hazrat Maula Ali alayhi as-salam (a.s) upon mankind.

I am putting pen to paper in conjunction with my spirituality and, have no hesitation in admitting that there is a limit to my intellectual capabilities and my every other strength is also limited. On the other hand, the one whose work I am discussing is the master of all, and his powers are boundless.

In Surah Al-Hamd, a verse of the Quran, there are twenty one letters barring repetition. The seven letters of the Arabic alphabet which have dots in them are not used in this Surah. These being ـ ش ز ظ ث ف خ ج.

Fourteen of the letters in Surah Al-Hamd are in Jafr-e-Ahmar . The seven letters bearing the “dots” are neither in Jafr-e-Ahmar or Surah Al-Hamd. The letters of Surah Al-Hamd are; ـ ا ل ه م د ح ر ب ع ى ن ق و س ص ط ك ذ ـ ض غ ظ . From these the following fourteen letters are in the Jafr-e-Ahmar. These being ـ ا ل ر ق ه ى ع ص ط س ح م ق

Seventy two names of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala (s.w.t) were bestowed upon Hazrat Adam (a.s). From these, Hazrat Adam (a.s) was taught the secret sublime meanings of twenty two names. Hazrat Nuh (a.s) had the secrets of eight names and Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s) had the sublime secrets of six names of Allah (s.w.t). Hazrat Musa (a.s) had the secret of four sublime names. Hazrat Isa (a.s) held the secrets of two names. And Hazrat Asif Bin Bharakhiya (a.s) had the secret of one name of Allah (SWT); with which he moved the throne of Belquis from one place to another in the blink of an eye.

The secret, sublime knowledge of these entire seventy two names was bestowed by Allah (s.w.t) upon the holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w), the master of both worlds. These seventy two names were taught in their entirety, along with their meanings to Hazrat Ali (a.s). It is from these names that the Jafr-e-Ahmar was written.

The Jafr-e-Ahmar was written by Hazrat Ali (a.s) under the guidance of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) using the singular letters from the Holy Quran called the Muqattiat. The unrepeated letters are the ones used in this work.I am therefore, reproducing this great work as a result of extensive research, intellect and spirituality. There are twenty eight letters of the alphabet in Arabic; from these only fourteen letters have been used in the entire Jafr-e-Ahmar.

The method is as follows:

-This work consists of fourteen parts i.e. volumes
-There are fourteen pages in each volume
-There are 196 squares on each page
-There is a unique four letter combination in each square
-As there are fourteen pages to each volume, it therefore means that there are 2,744 combinations of letters per volume, and a total of 38,416 combinations of letters in the entire work
This gives a grand total of 153,664 letters.

It has to be noted that only a sublime and unlimited intellect, and boundless knowledge can produce such a profound gift for humanity. Only this level of spirituality and closeness to the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w) could have produced such a piece of work, without any combination being repeated in the entire Jafr-e-Ahmar what so ever.

No one knows the secrets of the Jafr-e-Ahmar in exactly the same way that no one knows the sublime secrets of the Muqattiat letters.