Sufi Guidance is a platform which continues the legacy of the knowledge of Akhtar Moeed Shah Al Abidi, son of Syed Niaz Hussain Abidi.
The Abidi household hails from a long lineage of spiritualists and mystics who have always opened their doors to help mankind. This family has distinguished themselves by the fact that their practices and rituals are unique and beyond the comprehension of the human mind.
The present owner and practitioner of this secret and sacred knowledge is Raza Ali Shah Al Abidi (Shah Saab), who has evolved this mystical knowledge, from the systems accessibility for the masses across all social media platforms.

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Akhtar Moeed Shah Al-Abidi

Scholar of Ancient Islamic Mystical Knowledge

Shah Ji

Akhtar Moeed Shah Al-Abidi, also known as Shah Ji, were born and raised in India and migrated to Pakistan after the partition of the subcontinents. They had spiritual healing abilities and understanding of numerology and alphabets. Shah Ji helped many people around the world, their work was highlighted through various international publications and media platforms.

Raza Ali Shah Al-Abidi

Practicioner of Ancient Islamic Mystical Knowledge


My name is Syed Raza Ali Abidi, however my spiritual name is Raza Ali Shah Al-Abidi and I am more commonly known as Shah Saab. After my father, Baray Shah Ji passed away, the natural process followed and the mystical responsibilities were handed over to me, by a force which I never resisted.

Books of Akhtar Moeed

Shah Al-Abidi

Divine Prophecy Divine

Written 1996, Published 1997

(s.a.w.w), Muhammad

Published 2005

Mathematical Mysteries of Alphabets

Published in 2007

Akhtar Moeed Shah Al-Abidi

Akhtar Moeed Shah Al-Abidi

The Ark

The world’s smallest naqsh or taweez are also known as musalas. These are are composed of nine boxes, arranged 3 x 3.


This unique book contains information about the affairs of all human beings. The branches of knowledge carried within this work.


In the words of Shah Ji, Akhtar Moeed Shah Al-Abidi, who reproduced the Jafr-e-Ahmar, a unique literary treasure.

Sadh Dar Sadh Naqsh

This naqsh can be used by anybody, from any religion and regardless of whether or not you are reading a wazaif.

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